Moose On Departing From ROH, Joining TNA, More


Moose spoke with about departing from Ring of Honor and joining TNA. Here are the highlights.

On his TNA debut: “I’m not a good guy, I’m not a bad guy, I’m Moose. The paradigm in wrestling has shifted so much. People are saying that me debuting with Mike Bennett makes me a heel. I’m just going to be myself. If people want to chant my name, that’s great. I’m an ass kicker, so it’s up to the fans on how they want to take me. Everything happened to fall like that. When I decided to go with TNA, it just happened that the taping was on Tuesday and I signed that day. I didn’t know how I was going to be taken by the crowd. I was nervous just because of that–it was a brand new company, and you never know how they’re going to take you, but it didn’t long at all for the ‘Moose’ chant to start. I saw everyone doing the fist pump and doing the chant, and I said to myself, ‘I guess I’m home.’“

On keeping his name in TNA: “Nothing has changed, I’ll be known as ‘Moose’ in TNA. That was part of the deal–I get to use everything that I did in Ring of Honor.”

On departing from ROH: “It was very difficult to leave Ring of Honor. Everybody that knows me personally knows I had a hard time with the decision. One of the reasons I wanted to stay with Ring of Honor was because I’m so close with the guys on that roster, and saying goodbye wasn’t easy. Leaving was a really hard decision to make, but I have experience with that. In seven years in the NFL, I played on four different teams, so I’m used to packing up and going to a new team.”

Moose also talked about possibly going to WWE after he is done in TNA, Jay Lethal, his goals and more.

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