Moose On Which IMPACT Star Has Big Things Coming For Them


IMPACT Wrestling star Moose was recently interviewed by Wrestling Inc. to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Changes he has seen in IMPACT since the new ownership: “It’s been great and you could tell because of our product in the last few months,” Moose said. “It’s been great as a testament to the guys in the office running it with Don [Callis] and Scott [D’Amore].”

Using Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards as examples for the kind of entertainment IMPACT should be giving out: “It’s being different and that’s what I feel like we have done compared to other companies we’re different,” Moose remarked.

“Our stuff is more like a movie like the stuff Eddie [Edwards] did with Sami [Callihan], it was more like watching a suspense movie compared to a wrestling match, you know? That’s the kind of stuff I think we need to keep doing to keep making our stuff stand out.”

Tessa Blanchard: “I see big things with Tessa,” Moose predicted. “She just signed with the company and she’s a [third]-generation wrestler and I see big things coming from her in the future.”

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