Moose Talks Re-Signing with IMPACT Wrestling and More


In a new interview with Sporting News, Moose talks about his decision to re-sign with IMPACT Wrestling.

In the interview, Moose talks all about his time with the brand and what he still feels he wants to accomplish. Below are some highlights:

Moose on re-signing with IMPACT Wrestling:

“I felt like I re-signed with the company because I have some goals when I first signed with Impact that I haven’t reached yet. So, I didn’t want to leave without fulfilling those goals before I originally signed with the company.”

Moose on his goals in IMPACT:

“I definitely want to be the world champion, first and foremost. I always said I wanted to help Impact get back to where it was years ago. Every day we take a step closer to doing that. I don’t want to leave when I know we are so close to getting there. We have some great guys on the roster. We just made some new additions that will definitely help the company and I want to be a part of that.”

Moose talks about Scott D’amore’s influence on his decision to re-sign:

“I’ll be honest. I could easily say that if Scott wasn’t here that I wouldn’t be with Impact Wrestling. You look at some of the talent on the roster, like myself who wants to make this company better and keep this place growing — I don’t think we have reached that goal yet. So, why leave when we are almost there?”

To read the full interview, click here.

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