Moose Says The Impact Wrestling Grand Title Was A Terrible Idea By Billy Corgan


When Billy Corgan was part of Impact Wrestling, the company introduced a Grand Championship, which focused on matches based around a rounds system. 

Moose, who was the second champion to hold that title, talked about it while Speaking on the Juice Pro Wrestling Podcast

“That was Billy Corgan’s idea. I’m sorry Billy but that was a terrible fucking idea. There was history behind it, I get it, it was something they did in England with the rounds, but I think in this era of wrestling, it’s stupid because let’s say the last minute of a round, you have the crowd up here, then it ends and you have to take a two-minute break. In that break, you have the crowd from up here to back down to zero. When the round starts, you have to bring them back up. It sucks. It’s like watching a killer match, it being over, and you’re waiting for the next match. That’s how I felt like with rounds and why it was stupid. Great idea, just not for wrestling. Unless you go back to how WWE did it where it was shoot boxing. It was a better idea on paper. I haven’t met one guy on the roster who actually liked that format.”

He continued, “The belt was cool and all, but I thought it was dumb. The idea I had, and I think it would be a great idea but obviously no one in IMPACT listens to me, and that’s for good reasons anyway. I think you come out with a championship and the winner of the championship always picks the match stipulation. Maybe they bring the Grand Championship back and make that stipulation with it. The champion always picks the stipulation. It always puts the challenger in a spot where he wrestles the champion in a match he is great at. You have to beat him in his style.”

H/T to Fightful

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