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Moose Talks Jeff Jarrett Returning To Impact Wrestling And If The Company Has Changed Since Anthem Took Over



The current Impact Wrestling Grand Champion, Moose, recently sat down with RealSport101 & went over a variety of topics including; life before pro-wrestling, Jeff Jarrett returning to Impact, Anthem Sports & much more.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Moose’s Thoughts On Jarrett Returning To Impact:

“I thought it was fantastic news, I’d been good friends with Jeff for a while. I think I met him four years ago and we stayed in contact and we became good friends. When I heard that he was signing and coming aboard to be our leader at Impact Wrestling, I thought it was great. Think about it, this was the guy that made Impact Wrestling; When Impact was at the prime of the company, he was the reason for that. For him to come back to get us back to where that company used to be at, I think that’s great and I think it’s going to work, I think it’s great. I mean you can look at how we have been since they came back and it’s the ratings have been up, the viewers have been up, so everything is going upwards right now.”

Have Things Changed Since Anthem Took Over:

“A lot of changes and all for the good. I mean, we have a great ownership, we have a great leader in Jeff Jarrett that knows the wrestling business and he’s been doing this for years. We have some great agents in Scott D’Amore, Abyss, Sonjay, and some of the other guys that’s there. We have some of the best talents there like Gail Kim, myself, EC3, Lashley, I mean I feel like Impact Wrestling is where it is right now.”

If you want to read RealSport101’s full interview with Moose, click here.

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