Moose Talks NJPW Working With ROH, Teaming With De’Angelo Williams & How Has Jeff Jarrett Helped Impact


The current Impact Wrestling Grand Champion, Moose, recently spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News regarding; Jeff Jarrett’s effect on Impact, other wrestling promotions working with one another & more.

Here are the highlights:

Teaming With De’Angelo Williams At Slammiversary XV:

“He (Jeff Jarrett) had called me a while ago asking me if I knew anybody that would want to wrestle. I was like; just let me work on it and I’ll see what I can do. De’Angelo happened to be at one of our Impact tapings. I went to Jeff and was like, ‘I think he would be the perfect guy to be my partner for Slammiversary. Well, we didn’t even know what was going to happen at that point but I told them he would be the perfect guy that he was asking me about. De’Angelo and I had a conversation and the rest is history.”

Jeff Jarrett’s Effect On Impact:

“I think the biggest thing is just knowing that there’s somebody in the office that actually knows what they’re doing. Dixie was a great person but I think her only flaw was that she didn’t know much about wrestling. The product actually showed, but I think it’s great now that we have Jeff who knows about wrestling and was brought up in the wrestling business and he’s leading us.”

Cody Rhodes Challenging Okada For The IWGP Heavyweight Championship:

“It gets me so mad when companies are like ‘we don’t work with this company’ or ‘we don’t work with this company’. I think that’s so stupid because as of right now, WWE is the biggest wrestling company in the world, everybody knows that. I feel like the only way that companies could catch up to WWE is to do a combination. I think it would be great for business for a company like Impact Wrestling, to work with Ring of Honor and I think we were close to having that relationship before the Hardy’s left the company. We’ll see, you never say never in wrestling.”



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