More Backstage Details on AEW Plus on FITE


We previously reported here on eWn that AEW recently announced the creation of “AEW Plus”. This will be a subscription-based service for international markets. Fans will now be able to watch AEW Dynamite for $4.99 per month until TV deals are worked out in their respective countries. The service will not be available in the United States or Canada.

For what it’s worth, Germany was not listed among the countries that “AEW Plus” would be available in. AEW is currently working on TV deals in Canada and it appears in Germany as well. There are talks ongoing in the UK but that deal is said to be “not even close” at this point. There had also reportedly been talks of a deal in Australia and one or two other countries that were “coming down to the wire.”

Also, FITE is currently debating on whether or not the version of AEW Dynamite that will be available on “AEW Plus” will be commercial free or not.

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