More Backstage Details On Big AEW Backstage Hire


The name Mike Mansury is not one that’s well-known to many wrestling fans. But outside of Kevin Dunn, there might not have been a more integral figure to WWE’s television production. Mansury served as the company’s Vice President of Global TV Production. He has resurfaced, though now he’s working for Tony Khan. Mansury was recently hired to serve as AEW’s Senior VP & Co-Executive Producer.

On the surface, this hire doesn’t look like much. But according to a new report from Fightful, this could be a much bigger deal than it seems. When Triple H took control back in July, many speculated that Kevin Dunn would be on his way out. Dunn was always seen as a “Vince Guy.” When Dunn retained his post, it meant that the one person poised to replace him was going to have to wait even longer to get their chance. That person was Mike Mansury.


When Fightful asked within WWE, they were told that there wasn’t much farther he could go above his current position unless Kevin Dunn stepped aside. That didn’t end up happening. Triple H was keen on Mansury’s work, but many believed that he wouldn’t return to the company unless he were taking over Kevin Dunn’s spot.

The report goes on to say that both talent and staff within AEW and WWE were happy about the hiring. They believe that it will go a long way in helping AEW’s content. One WWE source said that he’s a good hire specifically because he’s more in touch with AEW’s demographic, and can significantly increase the level of production the company has. One WWE source that has heavily criticized AEW has said that he saw this as AEW’s biggest hire this year.

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