More Details On AAA’s Deal With FactoryMade


UPDATE: Several entertainment news outlets have picked up the story of AAA’s deal with FactoryMade Ventures to create better awareness outside of Mexico for the company.

The deal gives FactoryMade the rights to AAA and its characters everywhere but Mexico. The press release said the first plan was to bring the promotion into the US for live events and more. AAA ran some shows with a turnaway crowd in the LA market in the early 1990s as well as some house shows in Chicago and New York City, but never ran the country on a regular basis.

FactoryMade is involved with director Robert Rodriguez and co-owns the El Rey Network, an English language cable network set to launch in 2014. It seems like the promotion will end up there, bringing them back to US TV. AAA was removed by Galavision and replaced with CMLL when Galavision moved to HD, which AAA was not broadcasting in at the time.

Rodriguez and FactoryMade also co-ownTres Pistoleros Studios, which will be creating series for El Rey, so they could produce the AAA series for worldwide distribution as well. AAA rights in the US had previously been held by Steven Shipp, who runs Lucha Libre USA.

ORIGINAL: AAA announced today via press release that they have signed a new deal with FactoryMade Ventures in order to expand their intellectual property into the US and international territories. The deal will see the two reimagine, operate and expand AAA into a general audience entertainment brand in the United States and select international territories.

FactoryMade CEO John Fogelman and Co-CEO Cristina Patwa said in a joint statement, “We are thrilled to be partnering with the Roldan Pena family and Antonio to take the classic Lucha Libre AAA experience from household name in the Latino community to a dynamic, general audience entertainment brand in the U.S.”

The venture will focus on expanding AAA’s presence in the US first through live events, PPV, scripted and non-scripted series, licensing and merchandise.

— Brock Lesnar returned on RAW this week and accepted Triple H’s challenge to a match at WrestleMania 29. The “stipulation” to accepting the match was that Brock Lesnar gets to set the “stipulations” for their match at WrestleMania. The match will obviously be some sort of gimmick match. Triple H will be returning on RAW next week to continue the storyline.

— Here are the tournament brackets for the King of Flight tournament in Huntington Beach, California on March 24th. The tournament will all go down on the same night; below are the first round matches:

* Amazing Red vs. Ricochet

* Paul London vs. Samuray del Sol

* AR Fox vs. Nick Buck

* Matt Buck vs. Rich Swann

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