More Details On Roman Reigns Being Upset Over Survivor Series Match


Following the WarGames main event at Survivor Series over the weekend, it was reported that Roman Reigns was quite heated. Reigns’ anger reportedly stemmed from a blown spot in the match with Kevin Owens. A new report from Wrestling Observer Radio sheds some more light on the details of Reigns’ reaction and what took place in the aftermath.

At one point in the WarGames match, Owens delivered a hard slap to the Tribal Chief. That slap resulted in a noticeable bruise under Reigns’ left eye. It was also believed, though not verified, that Reigns suffered a ruptured eardrum as a result of the strike.


According to Dave Meltzer, Reigns was “very, very upset” after the match and “very vehement about it and yelling about” what took place. Meltzer would go on to note that this hasn’t affected booking plans for the ongoing storyline with The Bloodline, Owens, and Sami Zayn. The storyline appears to still be moving forward as planned, despite Reigns’ anger in the moments following the match.

Meltzer also stated that while some sources have said that Roman Reigns is already over the incident, others have said Reigns is “maybe not completely over it right now.” What reportedly angered Reigns is that the champion believes the spot itself should not have taken place during the match.

For those who might be curious, Owens’ strike to Reigns can be seen in the video below, as the two trade strikes as Reigns enters the WarGames match:

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