More Details On Vince McMahon Being Backstage At WWE RAW


Vince McMahon attending WWE RAW in Boston, MA caused a stir online, but not so much with people backstage because they figured he would be back eventually after returning as the Board of Directors Executive Chairman.

Fightful Select is reporting that Vince’s physical appearance turned heads as he has dyed his hair and is sporting a small mustache that resembles Gomez Addams from The Addams Family.


“One person in WWE who has known Vince for 20 years said that it was ‘more drastic and a shock than him getting his head shaved.’ There have been numerous fake photos on social media circulating of Vince’s new look. Thus far no real ones have emerged.”

Regarding McMahon being in the Gorilla position throughout the night, he never gave feedback or orders to talent, but was not shy about saying hello and greeting them.

The talk among talent regarding why McMahon was there came down to him visiting John Cena and enjoying the show. One talent said, “the big tell will be if he’s at SmackDown.”

There were several higher-ups in the company that didn’t know McMahon would be there and wished they had been clued in.

“There were a few talent that said they intentionally avoided associating with him, despite them believing they’ll likely have to deal with him in the future.”

One WWE higher-up felt this was also a case of McMahon testing the waters of showing his face at WWE events to see how people would react.

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