More Details on What Caused Road Dogg’s Exit from Head SmackDown Writer Position


We now know a little bit more about the frustration that led to the Road Dogg no longer being the head writer of SmackDown. 

As we know, in WWE, Vince McMahon expects you to work just as hard as he would. Road Dogg is said to have been on the road with the SmackDown brand, and also splitting that time with being at home in Pensacola, Florida and in Skype meetings with Vince McMahon/creative, these meetings could reportedly take up whole nights. 


On top of those Skype meetings, Road Dogg, aka Brian James, also needed to attend the live meetings at WWE HQ in Stamford. 

The bulk of the frustration reportedly comes from the fact that with all of these meetings, Vince McMahon would still completely rework the entire show on Tuesday anyway. 

Also, it is reported that Vince McMahon would regularly hound James about continuity. It is worth noting that WWE recently put out a job posting seeking help with script continuity. 

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