More Details Regarding Nick Aldis’ Falling Out With NWA


Nick Aldis has been suspended by the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) after announcing he has given his notice to the company. Aldis announced on Sunday that he’ll be leaving the NWA after his contract with them expires in January.

According to a report from Fightful, Aldis has been removed from a media appearance after his suspension. It was noted that Aldis has a big reason for his relationship with the promotion going south quick, and it had to do with what he perceived to be some disrespect being shown to his wife Mickie James in the lead up to and the aftermath of NWA Empowerrr.


It was never discussed by the two sides given the top position Aldis had in the company. The report adds that several women who have worked for the company have felt disrespected after Billy Corgan and Trevor Murdoch commented on not having an Empowerrr pay-per-view event this year because there weren’t enough TV ready female free agents available.

The report adds that this isn’t a work and has been developing for quite some time now.

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You can keep up with all your wrestling news right here on Or, you can follow us over on our Twitter and Facebook pages.