More Details on The Revival’s Current WWE Contract


According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there were some rumors going around suggesting that Scott Dawson’s WWE contract has expired after tweeting “free at last.”

However, this is not the case, as Dawson still has a few weeks left on his WWE deal. The Revival have moved past the downside guarantee on their current contracts. And, since they haven’t been booked, they haven’t been paid in almost two months. Of course, The Revival aren’t alone in this situation. Other talents are only paid for days booked once they move past their downside guarantee.

Heath Slater, for example, made sure his $400,000 downside is paid bi-weekly rather than agreeing to regular payments every other week based on house shows and merchandise sales. As for the case of the majority of the talent, if they don’t meet their downside guarantee, they’re paid a lump sum of cash at the end of the year. In the case of a long shutdown, like we have at the moment given the coronavirus pandemic, most Superstars won’t be paid until later.

Initially, The Revival were to be given a comedy gimmick to cool them off on their way out of the company. However, instead, they aren’t being used at all. Dawson’s deal is up in a few weeks, but Wilder’s doesn’t expire until mid-June. If they want to sign somewhere as a team, they’ll have to wait until then. With that being said, The Revival likely won’t be getting paid until June if they don’t sign a new deal.

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