More From WWE’s December 2012 Financial Report



Here are some more details from WWE’s monthly business report for December 2012:

– The company saw their best quarter in home video sales over the last three years, with 1.18 million unites shopped. That beat out the previous high for the past three years, which was 1.03 million in Q2 of 2012. CM Punk’s DVD sold 120,000 copies, the NWO DVD sold 106,000 and the Attitude Era set sold 105,000.

– Domestic live event attendance for the fourth quarter was 57,000, down from 60,000 the year before. Part of the reason was five less shows than the previous year.

– WWEShop stayed steady for the holiday season, with orders standing at 125,000. That number is up slightly from 119,000 in the same quarter of 2011.

– drew the least traffic over the last three years when looking at unique visitors with 11.2 million, down 12% from the third quarter. The reason appears to be the WWE App, which pulls people away from the website.

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