More Major WrestleMania 29 Ordering Issues + Refunds?


— Along with last night, Verizon, Cox Cable and Comcast/Xfinity had major problems with the ordering process for WrestleMania 29. Many people spent an hour or more on the phone trying to order the event.

Joshua Cupples sent this one along: So, not only did the stream from start 2 hours late, but during Taker-Punk, the commentary from the post game show came through the feed, spoiling the rest of the show for me. This is the first time I’ve ever bought a PPV from, and it’s also the last. I hadn’t even watched WWE in months, but thought I’d give Mania a chance. I’m done.

Greg C. sent this one along: After I had gotten my food and merchandise I headed over to my area, section 333, as we got there we showed the usher our tickets to go in and he told us that WWE tarped off our row and we would need to see guest services one floor below. When we got to guest services we spoke to a gentlemen, a very nice one too, and he gave us a paper to fill out with the information from our last ticket/seating. Once we filled the paper out he gave us new tickets for Section 231 A, row 1. The whole ordeal lasted about 15 minutes or so and was handled very accordingly. The stadium apologized and we had a great time!

Greg B sent this one in: We ordered it about an hour before it started, and the feed cut shortly after the PPV went live at 7 PM Eastern .I sent in several requests for a refund during the outage, and just received an e-mail from apologizing and acknowledging that the refund is in progress. You can see more about our experience at

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