More Names Released From WWE NXT UK


As we reported yesterday here on eWn, many talents from the WWE NXT UK roster were released from the company. Additionally, it was announced that the brand will being going on hiatus until 2023. The brand is reportedly being relaunched as NXT Europe.

In addition to the previously reported names, Teoman and Sam Gradwell have also been released.


Teoman took to Twitter to confirm his release, writing,

“The best version of myself is now available for Worldwide bookings.”

Gradwell added,

“Honestly, you should SEE what I’ve become. Abnormal intelligence, maximum testosterone, high bone density. September 23rd, I’m a free agent.”

You can check out an updated list of the NXT UK releases below:

* Flash Morgan Webster
* Mark Andrews
* Dave Mastiff
* Ashton Smith
* Jack Starz
* Millie McKenzie
* Amale
* Sha Samuels
* Nina Samuels
* Primate
* Rohan Raja
* Dani Luna
* Sid Scala
* Eddie Dennis
* T-Bone
* Teoman
* Xia Brookside
* Saxon Huxley
* Amir Jordan
* Sam Gradwell

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