More New TNA Concepts On The Way, Karen/Jeff Jarrett, Steine


Partial Source: Pwinsider

— Alex Silva was handpicked for the Gutcheck challenge in TNA by Al Snow. The Gutcheck will feature talents similar to Silva, mostly from OVW. OVW has had an increase in business thanks to TNA, including a local pizza sponsorship and several former names returning like Cliff Compton. More new concepts will appear on iMPACT! as they are testing to see what will work and could possible be added to the TV product long-term.

— Jeff and Karen Jarrett worked the April 30 AAA TV taping in Mexico over the weekend. Chessman and Jeff Jarrett defeated Juventud Guerrera and La Parka Jr when Jarrett used a guitar on Guerrera. Karen had the referee distracted. L.A. Par-K showed up and put a witch costume on Karen and forced the two to run away. Par-K, Parka, & Joaquin Roldan then formed stable to rid AAA of La Sociedad. The Jarretts are aligned with Dorian Roldan, Joaquin’s son.

— Scott Steiner’s claim that TNA announcers aren’t in Orlando anymore is partially true. The announcers do commentary live on taping weeks when the show will air the same week as the taping. For shows that are taped 7-10 days in advance, the announcers provide voiceovers in Nashville after the show was edited, to keep the commentary from sounding dated.

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