More Notes From The WWE Employee Meeting This Week


As we previously reported here on eWn, during an “all hands on deck” meeting held on September 19th, which featured Vince McMahon, Triple H, Ari Emanuel, and Nick Khan, McMahon notably referred to Endeavor’s CEO as his “boss” and asserted that WWE had “plateaued” before the merger. This statement was met with skepticism within the company, as many pointed to WWE’s record-breaking numbers as evidence to the contrary.

The merger, which officially formed the TKO Group valued at over $21 billion on September 12th, was followed by a wave of layoffs within WWE, affecting more than 100 employees.


McMahon’s remarks have fueled speculation among some that he may have orchestrated the Endeavor deal as a means to regain control and influence within the company, and we can now report that this also garnered sympathy for Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Furthermore, Ari Emanuel’s comment about getting a job for his daughter, who had already been working at WWE before the sale to Endeavor, didn’t sit well with some employees. While some saw it as a light-hearted “dad joke,” others took it more seriously. Emanuel made himself available to employees for interactions after the meeting, unlike Vince McMahon, who promptly left. McMahon’s quick exit was attributed to his ongoing recovery from back surgery.

Notably, Triple H did not address the meeting attendees. The gathering included approximately 300 to 400 employees, with some who had not yet moved to the new office, making it their first such meeting.

As we previously reported, despite acknowledging the necessity of the layoffs during the meeting, they were still considered an unfortunate consequence of the merger. Vince McMahon, holding the position of Executive Chairman within the TKO Group, continues to wield significant influence, though there is hope among some within WWE that he may step back from involvement in creative and weekly programming.

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