More On A WWE Developmental Release + WWE/Twitter


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— As noted earlier here on the website, Jody Kristofferson, son of well known musician/actor Kris Kristofferson, was officially cut by WWE on 8/6. He had been working under the name Garrett Dylan in NXT. Kristofferson had previously been working on the independent scene on the west coast including All Pro Wrestling. He reportedly had a reputation for being very nice, but his skills were described as “average” despite having a huge passion for the industry.

— As noted earlier here on the website, a recent study by Twitter revealed the top states in the U.S. where the “WWE” initials were mentioned the most. The top three states included Connecticut, New Hampshire and New Jersey. The full list included Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, West Virginia, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Colorado. The worst states for WWE included Oregon, Utah, Kansas, Louisiana, Georgia and Alabama. The company performed the strongest in the Northeast and Midwest.

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