More On A WWE Diva’s Arrest Inside Here


As we noted earlier here on the website, WWE Diva Cameron, real name Ariane Ncole Andrew, was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence.

The Funkette was arrested on Friday at 2:44 AM in Hillsborough County, Florida and was released on a $500 bond.

According to her booking information, she was born on 11/03/1987 (24 years old) and is listed as 5’04 and 114 pounds. Her street address is listed as a location in Tampa, FL. We will not report that due to privacy issues.

As noted, “Cameron” was arrested at 2:44 AM and booked into jail at 5:38 AM. The arrest report notes DOES NOT OCCUPY A CELL – RELEASED ON: 08/24/2012 AT 13:34 – REL: SURETY BOND

She lists her employer as a “Sales Associate” at Wells Fargo and there is no mention of her being a WWE Diva. She was likely trying to cover this up knowing she’d be in deep trouble if WWE found out about the arrest.

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