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Source: FOX Sports

— Alex Marvez of FOX Sports is featuring an interview with former WWE “Tough Enough” winner Andy Leavine. The article notes that Leavine, who is still wrestling, has decided to pursue another shot at playing in the NFL. Leavine played for the Miami Dolphins and was released in 2010.

The article notes that after he won the return season of WWE “Tough Enough”, he was then sent back to WWE developmental and was later suspended for 30 days for violating the company’s Wellness Policy. He was officially released by WWE in April 2012. Leavine talked at length about his time with WWE.

“It was a weird situation. They were thinking one thing and obviously I was thinking another … It was frustration on my end that did me in. I felt like they had put me in a position to shine and I was getting held back. Granted, there had been a lot of guys ahead of me that had been wrestling for a long time who were getting their shot, which they deserved. But I felt like, ‘You put me in this position where you spent millions and millions of dollars to build me up into something.’ It’s kind of like going on a big date and at the end of the night she goes, ‘All right, I’ll call you tomorrow.’ Come on, man!”

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— On his Twitter, WWE 2013 Hall of Fame inductee Bruno Sammartino posted the following interview himself, Triple H & WWE doctor Joseph Maroon earlier this week.

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