More On Daniel Bryan’s ‘Serious’ Concussion Injury


As noted late last night here on the website, Bray Wyatt wound up defeating The Big Show at Saturday night’s WWE live event in Hammond, IN. The two other members of The Wyatt Family – Luke Harper and Erick Roman – defeated Kane in a handicap match at the WWE live event in Cincinnati, OH. It should be noted that The Big Show was originally advertised for the WWE live event in Cincinnati, OH. Justin Roberts announced to the live crowd that he wouldn’t be at that event due to “travel issues.” So basically. The Wyatt Family was “split up” over the weekend due to Daniel Bryan’s concussion.

Speaking of Daniel Bryan’s concussion, the injury was a “hot topic” backstage at the weekend WWE live events. The feeling is that it’s a “serious” deal and he may be out of in-ring action for several weeks. As noted earlier, the planned D-Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt match at the Royal Rumble looks to be postponed for now.

As seen on RAW, Bryan was able to continue the cage match last week without missing any spots. However, at the very end of the show where they were going off air and he was on top of the cage yelling “YES!”, he clearly stopped and looked dazed and confused. After RAW went off the air, a WWE official came out and had him lay down on the ground while they checked him out. Upon arriving backstage, Bryan told WWE officials that he didn’t remember most of what happened inside the cage.

Bryan is expected to undergo more imPACT testing before RAW on Monday. He won’t be cleared to return to the ring until he can pass all of WWE’s tests. They’ll likely still have him appear on RAW but he won’t be wrestling.

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