​More On Frankie Kazarian Leaving TNA


As previously reported, Frankie Kazarian is officially gone from
TNA with his last commitments having been finished during the weekend Impact
tapings. According to sources, the release was due to the company’s financial

The report notes that Kaz was making more than TNA wanted to pay
him, with the company thinking they could afford two younger talent for the same
cost. As we reported today, financial problems have continued to be a thorn in
TNA’s side with the production crew nearly walking out over pay problems.

ORIGINAL: According to one source, there were
major financial concerns among the production crew at this past week’s TNA
Impact Wrestling television tapings in Orlando, Florida.

Apparently many within the production crew were upset about the
company being behind on their pay, and as a result, they claimed that if they
weren’t caught up on pay by a certain point, they were going to collectively
walk out in the middle of the tapings.

The threats from the production crew were apparently made clear to
TNA management, as checks were issued to the crew and the situation ended up
getting resolved. Prior to that happening, however, there was said to be a
24-hour period where there was a lot of tension backstage.

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