More On Gaspard’s Bad Attitude + Bourne/WWE


— Even before Evan Bourne‚Äôs suspension this week, there was a lot of talk within WWE about what his future with the company would be. There are reports he was trying to get himself fired. An article on that will be posted shortly.

— As noted late last night here on the website, former WWE performer Shad Chad Javier Romane Chittick Gaspard (a/k/a Shad) was displeased that a scene he took part in for Tuesday’s episode of The Game on BET was cut.

He tweeted, “Feel like sh*t right now and almost punched my dog. My Scene from @thegamebet was cut out and i’m pissed off.”

Gaspard, however, cooled off an hour later. He wrote, “Well my scene got cut, but i got the credit on my resume, experience that I needed, & a good friend in @billewoodruff. Still winning!!!”

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