More On Hulk Hogan Being Legitimately Pissed Off At Brock Lesnar


UPDATE: Following today’s earlier report that Hulk Hogan
is “ticked off” with Brock Lesnar, Hogan kept things going in an interview with
X17 Online. Here are the highlights…

On What Modern Wrestlers Can Do In The Ring: “Oh please!
Oh man, are you kidding me? It’s the training facilities man. WWE’s got that
Performance Center, we never had anything like that back in the day…it’s like
NASA for wrestling, it’s all science now. It’s amazing.”

On Brock Lesnar: “If he starts throwing my name around,
him and Heyman, it’s like that old country-western song, “I’m not as good as I
ever was, but I’m as good once as I ever was,” or however those words go. So
Brock Lesnar, you better start biting your tongue when you throw my name around.
I’m getting tired of hearing it. I know this is all entertainment, but when he
starts throwing my name around with my wife and my kids, he’s crossing a

ORIGINAL: TMZ reports that Hulk Hogan is “ticked off” at
Brock Lesnar for his unscripted “Grandpa” comment from RAW last week.

Hogan also commented on the issue and you can check that out below. He
doesn’t sound very happy.

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