More On Jesse Sorensen At TNA Lockdown + Lucha Libre USA


Chris Hewitt sent this one in: Hey Ryan I just wanted to send this along to you. Jesse Sorensen was also at both sessions of the TNA Lockdown fan interaction and was more than happy to sign autographs he is in the 2013 program as well and take pictures with the fans. I’ve attached a pic of me meeting Jesse who is a very nice and humble individual. My name is Chris Hewitt and I’d love it if you posted this tidbit.

As noted earlier here on the website, Jesse Sorensen was brought to Lockdown but is leery about wrestling, given that he was immobile for three months after his nasty injury. Last year, the plan was to give Sorensen a big push. Sorensen is currently working as a TNA production assistant.

— Lucha Libre USA has announced via press release that they are kicked off the United We Stand tour. The tour begins April 12th and will run through arenas in Houston, San Jose, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Austin, Laredo, San Antonio, Chicago and Dallas. Announced for the tour so far is Blue Demon Jr. and Solar vs. RJ Brewer and The Right; also booked for the tour are Corleone, Lizmark Jr., The Firewall Jon Rekon, Stevie Richards , Psicosis, El Hijo Del Fantasma, Super Crazy, Super Nova, Pequeno Halloween, Mascara Purpura, Solar, Melina, Shane Helms and more.

The tour locations are below:

Houston, TX

San Jose, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Phoenix, AZ

Austin, TX

Laredo, TX

San Antonio, TX

Chicago, IL

Dallas, TX

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