More On John Laurinaitis & WWE – What’s The Latest?


As noted earlier tonight here on the website, WWE announced that John Laurinaitis would be stepping down as Senior Vice President of Talent Operations.

The company released the following statement prior to RAW going live:

Effective immediately, John Laurinaitis is resigning from his position as Senior Vice President of Talent Operations. Following his very public firing at June’s No Way Out, Laurinaitis continued to work behind-the-scenes in his corporate role. After eight years of service in talent relations, he’s “burned out” and now hopes to concentrate on what he knows best: putting together matches and working with WWE talent as a producer.

Even though he was “fired” by Vince McMahon at No Way Out and “beat up” by John Cena on RAW, John Laurinaitis is still working WWE live events as we reported earlier.

For those unaware, John Laurinaitis has always been the main person who puts together WWE live event cards. This is not a work by any means and is just another example of Laurinaitis scaling back on his WWE duties as of late. We’ve been reporting for weeks now that Laurinaitis continues to lose “real-life power”. Many of his former duties have been taken away from him and given to new hires of the company by Paul “Triple H” Levesque. It should also be noted that Pete Leone has been given even more responsibility in the talent relations department of WWE.

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