More On Kelly Kelly’s Departure From WWE Inside Here


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— As noted earlier, Kelly Kelly and WWE parted ways last Friday, ending Kelly Kelly’s six-year run with the company. Kelly had recently taken a hiatus last May.

— Sources claim that her run came to an end when Kelly was resistant toward signing a long-term contract extension and had requested time off from the road. Kelly was granted time off under the assumption she would return to the roster full-time. Those close to Kelly say she was hesitant about returning to a full-time WWE schedule and wanted to explore other endeavors outside of pro-wrestling.

— Many other women have left the company before over similar issues as well as having to reject numerous media offers because either WWE didn’t want them involved or WWE’s product was too-friendly now to associate with them.

— Kelly had recently earned her downside guarantee for 2012 and at that point had no intention of returning full-time since it meant there was no more money left for her to earn by not asking for a release. She also wanted to pursue new opportunities sooner rather than later.

— It’s also reported that during an ad campaign shoot last Thursday at Let it Fly Energy, Kelly received a text message from Paul Levesque (Triple H) informing her that the by the terms of her contract she needed a calendar she planned to sell on her official website approved by WWE. Kelly then tweeted some previews with some risque lingerie pictures that the company asked she take down. Since Kelly had no intentions of calling off the project, WWE decided to cut ties with Kelly the following day.

— Kelly had also been having some medical issues as of late. WWE had requested she see Dr. Joseph Maroon, the company medical doctor, while Kelly wanted to stick with her regular doctor for examinations. Kelly believed she would’ve stayed with the company if they let he work occasional appearances.

— WWE did not feel Kelly had reached a level similar to a “Mick Foley deal” to put talent under contract, work occasionally, and letting them freely pursue outside endeavors. WWE doesn’t want to set a precedent to allow talent to have fully control over what they do, a similar issue they had been doing with in Chris Jericho before contract negotiations fell apart several weeks ago.

— As noted earlier here on the website, Kelly Kelly is now going by her real name of Barbara Blank and has changed her Twitter handle to @TheBarbaraBlank. She appears to be happy with her departure as she posted this photo of herself and her boyfriend celebrating and drinking the night of her official release.

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