More On Kelly Kelly’s Future, The Miz/Real World


— The MTV Network has tried numerous times to get The Miz to return for another “Real World Challenge” but he’s apparently turned them down. Miz told this week: “MTV gave me my start, and I’m always grateful to them. But, I’m done with doing a challenge. I’m tired of the drama that comes with that, and I don’t know the kids any more. I’d be the first one voted out. I know the game; I was a mastermind at that. I enjoy watching, though.”

— Hot on the heels of former WWE performer Maryse Ouellet’s decision to move on from the professional wrestling industry and attempt to make it in the fashion industry, Kelly Kelly may also be positioning herself for a career outside of WWE as we noted late last night here on the website.

The WWE Diva is looking to position herself for acting and modeling gigs late next year and is pushing her real name, Barbara Blank, instead of Kelly Kelly. Whether it’s her just trying to have a backup plan, testing the waters to see if there’s interest in her, or her outwardly looking at something different, nobody knows.

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