More On Ken Shamrock Assaulting A Woman & More News


— UWF wrestling returns to ESPN Classic tonight at 9:30PM ET. Steve “Dr. Death” Williams, Bob Orton Jr., and Cactus Jack are advertised as appearing. has photos of the woman that Ken Shamrock attacked in a California mall because he thought she was a man.

The victim, Melinda Garcia, weighs 120 pounds and says there is no way Shamrock could have confused her for a male. She also says that Shamrock is lying.

Shamrock claims he was breaking up a fight between two women in a Modesto, California mall when someone jumped on his back. Shamrock says he thought the person was a man so he took “him” down. That was Garcia. she claims that Shamrock didn’t break up the fight, instead yelled at her to do it, so she did.

She then claimed that Shamrock yelled at her for not stopping it soon and then punched her in the face. When her mom tried to help, Shamrock punched her too. Security and police then arrived and Shamrock backed off.

TMZ also has text messages (which you can view here) from Garcia to her sister (“Hoochie” in the phone) moments after the fight in which she describes the incident exactly as above.

She said that if police do not press charges, she will file a lawsuit. A representative for Shamrock says he believes he didn’t do anything wrong and acted in self defense.

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