More On Kharma’s WWE Release & Mental Issues


According to this report on, here is the latest on why Kharma parted ways with WWE. Kharma (Kia Stevens) became extremely depressed after she miscarried at the end of 2011. During that time she had put on additional weight, which caused her to fall out of wrestling shape. Kharma has now motivated herself to get back into shape and has recruited a team of fitness experts and therapists. We posted a photo of Kharma working out with a personal trainer several weeks ago. Word is that she plans to document the transformation in the hopes of scoring a reality show and she has already been in touch with multiple production companies.

We reported several weeks ago that Kia “Kharma” Stevens was released from WWE. Stevens, 34, declined to comment at the time when contacted about her contractual status with the company. She reportedly told friends that that the company wanted to give her time off to clear her head following the emotional year she had.

Kharma had signed with WWE in December 2010 and debuted on May 1, 2011. Her character was then removed from television when she revealed she was pregnant. Stevens publicly admitted to losing the child and then shortly made a surprise return at the 2012 Royal Rumble. She then got engaged shortly after that. The report pretty much confirms what we reported several weeks ago – that some people in TNA didn’t believe WWE would sign her due to what they described as a “high emotional risk.” She’s had depressions issues and also suffered nnumerous mental breakdowns in the past but was described as “very friendly” by her peers.

WWE did not publicly announce her release and instead quietly moved her profile to the Alumni area. Stevens acknowledged this on her Twitter and stated she would not be accepting bookings right now. While she is no longer on the active roster, the door has been left open for the two to work together in the future. We noted last week that WWE is not expected to release a statement on the release for two reasons. The first is that she hasn’t been used in months and was only used for a very brief period of time within the company. Also, Linda McMahon’s senate campaign is focusing on the fact that she is a “job creator” and WWE doesn’t want her opponents lashing out at them for “firing” talents. This is also the reason we have not had any “spring cleaning” cuts this year. They are planning to wait until after Linda’s senate run to clear out any “dead weight” on the roster.

For those wondering, she does have the standard 90-day non compete clause, which means that she cannot appear for anyone else without WWE permission.

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