More On Lady Frost’s Request To Be Released From Impact, Disagreement On Order Of Events


A new report has some additional details on Lady Frost’s efforts to secure a release from Impact Wrestling and the disagreements between the two sides.

Frost had been pushing for her release with details on her status, noting that she had not been used and wasn’t getting paid, and that she had lost money on some bookings due to her paying out-of-pocket for travel and accommodations compared to how she was paid.


Sources at Impact Wrestling had their own version of how the events went down. The source noted that Frost had been booked on all events on a PPA (pay per appearance) basis. That deal was, and is not, exclusive to the company, so she can work anywhere she wants beyond nationally-televised companies.

The source would elaborate that Frost’s flights and accommodations were covered, and that her booking for Dallas in April (Frost worked the Multiverse of Matches events) was a situation where she worked for several promotions because it was WrestleMania weekend. Frost did work an event for Zelo Pro Wrestling that weekend and would have appeared at WrestleCon. According to the Impact source, Frost told the company she would be in Dallas for the weekend so she was used at Multiverse of Matches. Impact Wrestling officials did not approach her to book her for the weekend, instead choosing to do so once they knew she was already there.

The Impact side says Frost told the company after she was healed up from surgery that she was ready and asked to be booked around the time of Slammiversary. They say that since their TV plans were already set at that point, they intended to work Frost back in when they could. Shortly thereafter, she asked for her release and one source says she was told she could have her full release once she returned to TV and put over Masha Slamovich on her way out, similar to what Tenille Dashwood and Madison Rayne did. Frost was unable to make the suggested taping date and the company asked her to tell them when she could make a future taping, giving her several options. According to the sources at Impact, it was shortly after that she publicly asked for her release (in late June).

The sources at Impact note that they didn’t hear from Frost after that until she contacted HR, and they say they told Frost to go back to her contact person who is said to be Gail Kim and talk with her. The company then did not hear from her until her letter to Impact and Anthem was sent. They declined to comment on the letter.

Pwinsider says in a separate report that sources close to Frost deny she stopped communications, and say that Frost agreed with Kim to work TV tapings on July 1st and 2nd to put over Slamovich. However, she asked for a confirmation in writing that she would be able to get a release if she did so. Frost says she asked for the confirmation several times in writing but didn’t hear back. She has not worked for Impact since.

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