More On Randy Orton’s Suspension + JBL’s WWE Return?, More


— While Superluchas reported that Randy Orton tested positive for the anabolic steroid Dianobol, that has not been confirmed. Many feel that it would be surprising that Orton was using Dianobol due to the fact that Dianobol stays in your system for up to 6 weeks and is easily tested for.

— When asked by a fan if a WWE return could happen, since WWE is now sponsoring his seven summits adventure, JBL noted the following… “I think it’s safe to say after announcement today on tmz that it’s highly likely”

— WWE and Triple H plan to continue the drastic overhaul of Florida Championship Wrestling in the coming months. Word is that many were shocked when Tom Prichard was recently fired as head trainer and replaced with Bill DeMott.

— has a list up of their top 10 King of the Ring winners, the list reads as follows…

10. King Mabel

9. Kurt Angle

8. Edge

7. Brock Lesnar

6. Harley Race

5. Bret Hart

4. Triple H

3. Booker T

2. Randy Savage

1. Steve Austin

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