More On Sabu’s Drug Overdose + How Old Is Aksana?


— In today’s birthdays, Aksana turms 30 years old while Titus O’Neil turns 35. Today also marks as Paul Roma’s 52nd birthday.

— As noted late last night here on the website, Sabu was found unresponsive in a Pennsylvania area hotel room by Extreme Reunion staff on Saturday, which led to the hardcore wrestling icon being rushed to a nearby hospital before his scheduled match for the promotion. Extreme Reunion officials told Sabu had an allergic reaction to a medication he had been taking. That is what the promotion is telling people as a “cover-up”. The real reason for the hospitalization was a drug overdose combined with alcohol.

“Sabu was found unresponsive in his hotel room earlier today when event staff went to his room to pick him up for tonight’s show. Management is currently awaiting results from his doctors to find out what actually happened,” a representative for Extreme Reunion told “All we know is that he had prior health issues that might have been a contributing factor. We’re pulling for him and are very concerned for his health. We wish him the best of luck in his recovery.”

As noted earlier this afternoon here on the website, Sabu checked himself out of the hospital Sunday morning and is telling those who have contacted him that he is “fine.”

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