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News​More On Scott Steiner Blasting WWE's "PG" Product, Discusses Competition In Pro...

​More On Scott Steiner Blasting WWE’s “PG” Product, Discusses Competition In Pro Wrestling, More



Credit: The Miami Herald

Scott Steiner recently spoke about the current WWE product, social media and
more. Here are the highlights…

On WWE’s PG Product:
“The ‘PG era’ blows,” he said. “The best time in wrestling was with the nWo and
the Monday Night War between WCW and WWE. You had competition. Now there is no
competition. I feel bad for the guys and the wrestlers coming up now. They are
slotted into a character that sometimes they can’t even do. Most of the time
it’s bull****, and it sucks. I wouldn’t want to do it. You have a stupid
character to do, but if you don’t do it, you don’t have a

If Competition is Needed: “You need competition
for a business to truly thrive. Look at Vince [McMahon’s] numbers since he
bought WCW. Then again he just lost like $400 million, projected to lose $50
million this year. So you couldn’t predict that after he bought WCW and doing
5’s and 6’s on the ratings scale.”

On Social Media Being Used So
“All the social media and other things, a lot of it is bull****.
It doesn’t mean you’re going to draw or people are going to see you. You look at
Charlie Sheen and then how many Twitter followers he had there and on Facebook.
Then he tried to capitalize on it with a tour, and nobody came to watch him.
Just because you have Twitter followers and Facebook doesn’t mean a whole lot
and [doesn’t mean] people are going to pay to see you. A lot of that is
misjudged. Just because you have people on their phone or Internet doesn’t mean
they are going to pay. Same for the Network. I think they misjudged the
popularity of it.”

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