More On The AAA iPPV Issues, Al Green’s Funeral


Partial Source:

— Joe Bailey, who promoted Bad to the Bone Wrestling in Kentucky (and the father of late CZW and IWA Mid-South star JC Bailey), passed away over the weekend. No other details are known at this time.

— Funeral services for Al Green will be held this Thursday. You can find more details here.

— Jackie Fargo is still in critical condition as he fights congenital heart failure. He was found unconscious in his home over the weekend as we reported here on the website.

ORIGINAL: The iPPV debut for AAA’s TripleMania event last night ended up being a disaster as the show never aired on Ustream. About 15 minutes after the start of the show, those in the company said they were aware of the issue and were working on it, but there was no feed all night long.

The hope is that the show will be posted by Wednesday at 8PM ET.

UPDATE: AAA has announced that TripleMania XXI will be shown on their website tomorrow for free. You can find more details by clicking here.

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