More On The AJ Styles/Paul Heyman Real-Life Beef, WWE Stock Rises, Tino Sabbatelli/ESPN


At the closing bell on Monday, WWE’s stock was at $44.91. That is up $0.19 (0.42%) from Friday’s closing price.

The situation with AJ Styles being upset with Paul Heyman and calling him a liar for the firings of his good friends, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, was mainly because Styles wasn’t told of their releases ahead of time and blamed Heyman for that. While publicly, there are stories going around that all three of the wrestlers were told that the releases were at the request of Heyman, it’s very obvious that Vince McMahon was at the very least on board with it as he has the final say on everything. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter points out that if this was Heyman’s call and Vince was okay to keep Gallows and Anderson around, he could have simply moved them (along with Styles) to SmackDown to avoid them all having to work with Heyman. This report also speculates that a possible reason Vince didn’t care to have them around anymore is because Gallows & Anderson were two of the wrestlers who played hard ball with him the previous year and “didn’t happily sign their contracts” forcing McMahon to offer more money than he ideally wanted to in order to keep them from going to a rival promotion.

WWE NXT alumnus Tino Sabbatelli was named dropped earlier today on ESPN’s NFL Live. Former NFL player and ESPN analyst Booger McFarland said that Sabbatelli is “wrestling somewhere and nobody’s ever heard of him since”:

You can check out the latest edition of “ROH Week By Week” below:

“On Week By Week with Quinn McKay, Angelina Love takes issue with last week’s episode, we get a first look at the torment of a new talent, and much more news and updates from ROH!”

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