​More On The Alberto Del Rio Backstage Fight In Mexico, Del Rio Comments


UPDATE: Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio tweeted the following on Monday, confirming reports that he was involved in a backstage fight with Alan Xtreme in Mexico over the weekend after he believed Xtreme acted inappropriately toward his fiancé Paige:

ORIGINAL: Luchablog has more details on a backstage fight involving former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio and Alan Xtreme. The incident took place this past weekend at the Arena Naucalpan in Mexico. Del Rio and Paige were at an IWRG event to see Del Rio’s brother, El Hijo de Dos Cara, wrestle in the main event.

Alan Xtreme, a local wrestler from Mexico, was backstage at the show and it’s believed that Del Rio thought Xtreme either touched him or Paige. After words were exchanged between the two men, they began to hit each other and a brawl then spilled into a hallway that connects the main locker room to the fans’ entrance. According to a witness, numerous fans saw what happened as they were entering the arena. Del Rio’s condition is unknown but Alan’s face was said to be in “bad shape” and he was a “bloody mess”. Xtreme was said to have been in “stable condition” after the fight. Also, Del Rio and Paige were reportedly seen drinking before the fight took place.

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