More On The Arrest Of Buff Bagwell – What Happened This Time?


As we reported last night here on eWn, former WCW and WWE Superstar Buff Bagwell was arrested in Georgia last week. He’s facing a ton of new vehicular charges.

According to Pwinsider, there are currently two ongoing cases that involve Bagwell. The first incident took place on August 16th of last year. In that incident, Bagwell crashed his car and was hospitalized with serious injuries. Following his release from the hospital, he was charged with the following – Hit and Run; Duty of Driver to Stop at or Return to the Scene of Accident (three charges), Following Too Closely (two charges), Failure to Yield When Entering an Intersection, Speeding, Driving within a Gore or Median or Emergency Lane, Driving on the Wrong Side of the Roadway, Duty upon striking a fixed object, Driving under the Influence of Drugs, and Reckless Driving.

The second case involves Bagwell being arrested last Saturday at 1:25 PM. The police report notes that Bagwell was driving his 2007 Saab and hit another driver’s car from behind. Following the crash, Bagwell fled the scene. The driver who he struck continued to follow him for two miles before Bagwell eventually pulled over.

When police arrived to the scene, Bagwell told them the reason he was unable to stop was due to “battery issues” with his car. When the police officers noticed that Bagwell had an outstanding warrant for his arrest from the incident last August, he was handcuffed and arrested and hit with the following new charges – Hit and Run; Duty of Driver to Stop at or Return to the Scene of Accident, Giving False Name, Address or Birthdate to a Law Enforcement Officer, Following Too Closely, License to be carried and exhibited on demand, and an Open container violation.

Bagwell is currently out of jail on bond and has back-to-back court dates set for July 22 and July 23 for both of the incidents noted above.

UPDATE: We have now obtained the mugshot photo from Marcus “Buff” Bagwell’s recent arrest. You can check it out below:

ORIGINAL: According to a report from The Georgia Gazette, former WWE and WCW Superstar Marcus “Buff” Bagwell was arrested in Cobb County, Georgia on May 22nd. Bagwell was arrested on the following charges,

* Giving false name, address, or birthdate to a law enforcement officer
* Speeding
* Failure to yield when entering an intersection
* Hit and run; duty of driver to stop of return to scene of accident
* Following too closely
* Reckless driving
* Driving within a gore or median or emergency lane
* Driving under the influence of drugs
* Duty upon striking a fixed object
* Driving on the wrong side of the roadway
* License to be carried and exhibited on demand
* Open container violation

Bagwell posted bond on Monday and was released from custody.

As of this writing, there is no word on when the incident actually took place. We reported last year here on eWn that Bagwell was hospitalized after he lost control of his car and hit a curb, which led to him colliding with the center median and a metal fence. He then hit a free-standing bathroom at the Cobb County Transit bus station. While not confirmed, it appears this latest arrest is related to that incident. The Cobb County Police Department Selective STEP Unit had been investigating the incident and found that he was impaired by prescription medication.

Bagwell joined Cameo last year and was charging $50 per video. A fan received the following video from him and he didn’t look well at all. In the video, Bagwell’s face was bruised and he was slurring his words badly.

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