​More On The Awesome Kong/Reby Sky Backstage Altercation – Did It Become Physical?


UPDATE x 3: In an update on the backstage altercation between Reby Sky and Awesome Kong during TNA’s UK tour, we can now confirm that it did become physical between the two. Kong reportedly left visible marks around Reby Sky’s throat and the back of her neck that could be seen if she lifted her hair. Sky tweeted the following, apparently referencing the backstage incident:

It should also be noted that Reby Sky recently signed a contract with TNA Wrestling.


UPDATE x 2: TNA has released a statement confirming that Awesome Kong was sent home from last night’s iMPACT! Wrestling tapings after an altercation with Reby Sky.

John Gaburick wrote on Twitter: “Prior to the IMPACT WRESTLING TV taping at the Manchester Arena, Kia Stevens (Awesome Kong) was involved in an incident involving Rebecca Hardy (Reby Sky). Subsequently, Kia was removed from the tour and returned to the United States. The matter is being reviewed to determine if any additional disciplinary action will be taken.”

UPDATE: Here is more on the story between Awesome Kong and Reby Sky in TNA that led to Awesome Kong being sent home from the ongoing UK tour. There was an apparent incident between the two during the tour as we reported yesterday (see below). According to sources, the feud between Sky and Kong goes back to 2013 after comments were made on social media and in a shoot interview. So it seems the bad blood between Sky and Kong had been brewing for quite some time.

In 2013, Sky posted on Twitter on Sid Vicious no-showing at an indy event. This caused Kong to insult Sky and call her a “ho” and a “peon” later on during a YouShoot interview segment called “The Ho Bag.” Sky later responded to Kong on Twitter with the following post:

“Not aware of this, if it is true. Doesn’t make much sense, as I don’t know her on a really personal level & we have been nothing but nice to each other in passing at shows. We’ve actually texted back & forth a few times, so if she now has a problem with me, I can only attribute it to one thing/person. Fake as f–k to be nice to my face & talk s–t to a camera if its true, but no shocker there. That’s 99% of the women in this business anyway. Next.”

Sky then posted this in September on Awesome Kong:

“I will NEVER respect a no-show; someone who scams promoters and f***s fans and people who actually show up to work. F*** outta here. That being said, go back to smiling to my face at shows and talking shit online [Kharma], you FAKEASS bitch.”

ORIGINAL: Awesome Kong has been sent home on the first day of the TNA tour of the UK. Kong was sent home after an altercation in the locker room with Reby Sky.

According to sources, Kong had an issue with Sky for some reason and when the latter tried to dress in the women’s locker room, Kong took her bag and threw it out of the room. Sky then left the room and when she returned to get her things, Kong tried to attack her for “not apologizing” for the as-yet-undetermined offense.

There are said to be two versions of the story after that. The first is that Kong tried to attack Sky but was stopped, while the second (which comes from “FAR more people”) is that Kong got to Sky and throttled her before security and producer Pat Kenney restrained Kong. Sky and Matt Hardy’s son were said to be in the vicinity of the incident.

Kong has now been sent home. It’s unknown what this means for her future with TNA.

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