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More on The Future Of “WWE Backstage” & What It Means For SmackDown


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We reported earlier today here on eWn that FOX and FS1 officials held a meeting on Monday and laid off multiple employees and cancelled several shows. One of the shows undergoing changes is “WWE Backstage.”

In an update on the reports, “WWE Backstage” will be sticking around but only for larger shows and pay-per-view events. Orlando reporter Jon Alba has confirmed that “WWE Backstage” will air “only around PPVs and big shows.” While FOX was initially planning to put together a whole division dedicated to WWE, that is no longer the case. The changes are due to the very low ratings.

As far as SmackDown on FOX is concerned, it won’t be affected. It is said that around 20 people have lost jobs at FOX Sports 1 (FS1) between WWE, boxing, and golf being scaled back.

FOX Sports 1 issued the following statement:

“Today, we announced programming changes designed to better address the needs of our business. As a result, some positions in our production department have been eliminated.”

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