​More On The Goldust/Rhodes Storyline + Orton At RAW?


As seen on this week’s WWE RAW broadcast, The Authority gave Randy Orton the
night off and “ordered” him to go on vacation. Orton followed up the storyline
on Twitter as he tweeted a photo of himself by a pool and said he wished he
could be at RAW. For what it’s worth, we’re told Orton was backstage at RAW and
was written off the show after creative re-writes during the afternoon hours on
Monday. The photo Orton posted is an older one that he apparently had on his

Also on RAW, Cody Rhodes teased that he has a new tag-team partner that will
face Goldust next week on RAW. Cody noted that the partner is someone he’s never
seen before and that will “magnify the magnificence that is Goldust.”. NXT
talent Tyler Breeze seems to fit that mold? Ted DiBiase Jr. has also been
rumored as we reported earlier today.

ORIGINAL: Goldust had fans
speculating that former WWE Superstar Ted DiBiase Jr. may be the next tag-team
partner that Cody Rhodes chooses for him. When asked who Rhodes might pick for
Goldust’s partner this week, Goldust replied by saying that was “the
million dollar question.”

As noted, the idea is that Goldust will continue to
lose these matches leading to Cody Rhodes claiming he’s been the “weak link” all
along. This will lead to the long rumored Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust feud, possibly
at SummerSlam.

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