More On The Investigation Into AEW All Out Brawl, Who Else Witnessed It


Some additional details on the external investigation being handled by a third-party firm looking into the brawl following the AEW All Out 2022 pay-per-view event on Sunday have surfaced. The brawl involved several AEW talents and top stars, all of whom had their titles vacated earlier this week on Dynamite and were suspended pending the conclusion of the investigation.

Reports confirmed those involved in the actual fight were CM Punk, Ace Steel, The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega.


Additionally, Pat Buck, Christopher Daniels, Michael Nakazawa, Brandon Cutler, and MJF were in the vicinity of the area where the fight took place. They were all said to have been the ones who tried to break things up. It’s believed they will be gone until the investigation is complete and decisions are made. Those involved were either suspended or told not to come to television.

The plan for the investigation is to conduct video interviews with everyone present in the room. This not only includes the reported names involved, but also witnesses of the incident. It was reported that AEW Chief Legal Officer, Megha Parekh, saw the incident unfold. MJF was also a witness to the brawl and is anticipated to be a part of the formal interview procedures.

As previously reported here on eWn, there were legal threats made from CM Punk’s side following the brawl, which is why AEW has not commented on the matter and is also the reason why Tony Khan didn’t mention it during AEW Dynamite.

One wrestler said that he was next door and thought they were shooting an angle, only to realize when he came out to see what the commotion was that it was far from an angle.

It was also noted that Chris Jericho was aware of what was going on backstage while he was taking part in his portion of the media scrum, but he was still able to maintain his composure.

One source said that when CM Punk returned to AEW several weeks ago, he told at least one person that the press conference for the pay-per-view event would be “interesting.” That seems to back up the speculation that Punk may have already had it in his mind as to what he was going to say during the media scrum. Going into it, he was clearly agitated and wanted to get a lot off his chest. Many reporters in the room were asking questions, and Punk would go off on tangents that had nothing to do with the questions being asked.

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