More On The Promoter That Skipped Town Inside


Source: Pwinsider

Here is the latest on Omega Sports promoter Brendon Bronson of Omega Sports in Queensbury New York. Bronson had been falsely advertising wrestling talent to appear at his store in the Aviation Mall, including former WWF champion The Ultimate Warrior and former WWE champion Edge, who came out publicly to deny that they had been booked.

Bronson’s store was then discovered cleaned out and closed as people were coming for an advertised signing for Rikishi. Bronson has pre-sold tickets for all three events. Many customers started to contact their local newspaper, which is now working on a story regarding what happened. Local authorities may also get involved, as a New York State Investigator was one of those who pre-purchased tickets for the Warrior signing.

Bronson posted the following on his Squidoo blog…

“I am sorry for what’s going on. I am given people back there money today. so if you guys could stop by my house. I’ll be more than gladly to give your money back. I am going through some bad times right now I live at [deleted] and I am given away all my autographed photos I will be home all day sorry again”.

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