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shadowwolf111 sent this one in: In regards to the fire at US. Bank Arena, people started coming in at 6:30pm. Approx 8 minutes later, six shots from the fire works went off immediately followed by an evacuation. We have been to 15+ WWE events and I have yet to see any show have pyro practiced as fans were entering the building. I was standing on the plat form above our seats and you could see something went wrong and the pyro was not supposed to go off..

— ROH is running a discount special for their Boiling Point iPPV. The offer started at 9AM ET this morning, and will end tomorrow at 9AM ET. If you order the show during this time, it will only cost $11.95. You can order the show at this link.

— Here are the latest additions to the WWE Classics OnDemand serviceā€¦

The Big Event:

* WWF Summerslam 1988

Classics Rewind:

* WCW Beach Blast 1992

* The British Bulldogs

* Tuesday Night Titans 6/28/85

Dog Days:

* Dog Collar Match: Badd Dogg (Rodney Mack) vs Shelton Benjamin OVW 11/16/02

* Bulldog Brower competes in a series of Exhibition Matches Stampede 1961

* NWA National Tag Team Championship: Arn & Ole Anderson (c) vs Mad Dog Buzz Terry Taylor NWA’s WCW 9/7/85

* Mad Dog Vachon & Crusher vs Nick Bockwinkel & Blackjack Mulligan AWA All Star Wrestling 1/21/84

* WWF Tag Team Championship: Tony Garea & Rick Martel (c) vs The Moondogs Allentown 3/17/81

Junkyard Dog:

* WWE Hall of Fame: Junkyard Dog

* Junkyard Dog. Dusty Rhodes & Rick Steiner vs Steve Williams, Road Warrior Hawk & Paul Ellering NWA Main Event 1/15/89

* Texas Tornado Tag Match: Junkyard Dog & Sgt Slaughter vs Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff Spectrum 11/10/84

* WWF Intercontinental Championship: Greg Valentine (c) vs Junkyard Dog Boston Garden 5/18/85

* Big Daddy Ritter (JYD) vs Jim Neidhart Stampede May 1979


* Best of Raw 1994 Part 1 & 2 TV Classics Monday Night Raw 10/5/98 WCW World Wide Wrestling 5/1/93

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