More On The RAW ‘Highlight Reel’ Trainwreck Inside


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Here is the latest on Monday Night’s Highlight Reel segment, which did not go well. Word is that the segment was written the day of the show, and that Vince McMahon thought it was “really bad”.

Then, during the segment, the Jeritron malfunctioned during the airing of the Marine 3 promo. Brad Maddox’s promo was supposed to mention the Jeritron, and with it not being there, he still delivered the line about the Jeritron. Maddox is taking the majority of the heat for the segment due to messing up the line.

While Maddox has taken a lot of the heat, word is that McMahon had already told Cole and Lawler through their headsets to bury the segment before he even came out. Backstage, Vince was heard calling the segment one of the worst segments ever. Many feel that it wouldn’t have been nearly as noticeable if Cole and Lawler weren’t told to bury it on the air.

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