More On The WWE 2K14 Cover, Ivelisse Velez Speaks Out


— The contest that allows fans to design their own cover for WWE 2K14 is now open to fans in Australia and New Zealand. The winning entry will appear inside the video game packages.

— Meanwhile, the latest edition of WWE Magazine reveals through an advertisement that if you pre-order the game, you’ll get The Ultimate Warrior as a DLC character.

— Ivelisse Velez recently spoke to about her time in WWE developmental and more. Here are the highlights…

On whether you saw the real Ivelisse on Tough Enough: “Editing is a powerful tool. There’s so much footage that the very little that they end up picking for to release is nothing… you think ‘damn, they end up putting that on TV and this other thing that happened that was crazy or worth being on TV didn’t?’

What advice she was given in developmental: “I hated to hear ‘don’t wrestle like a guy, we want you to wrestle like women.’ My entire career I focussed on wrestling like I was just as good as the guys, and I’m told now that I finally make it that I have to switch it up and be girly. It was a little frustrating.”

Friction with a trainer in developmental: “As soon as Dr Tom [Pritchard] was not there anymore I saw something lurking. I knew my days were limited. If you notice specifically in Tough Enough, there’s a certain person that didn’t really like me very much. So I knew I had to really get to the main roster as soon as I possibly can because otherwise I’d probably be out of there.”

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