More On This Week’s WWE RAW Rating


More details about the rating for WWE RAW on Monday, January 9 have been released. It averaged 4.00 million viewers, which is a decline of 10% compared to last week and the fewest overall viewers since September 12. Hour one averaged 4.096 million viewers, while hour two dropped to an average of 3.92 million viewers. For the first hour it was the fewest viewers since September 12th and for the second hour it was the fewest viewers since November 7th.

RAW competed with the BCS National Title game, which averaged 24.4 million viewers, not to mention regular History Channel programming for hour two. Both affected them negatively.

RAW came in at #2 behind the title game for males 18-34, and #3 for older adult males 18-49 behind the game and Pawn Stars. For overall viewers on cable, it finished 7th.

For the 18-34 rating, that was RAW’s second-highest rating for that demographic since May 2nd. Raw’s 18-49 rating dipped 6.1% from last week, but the strong m18-49 rating went up 6.6% compared to last week.

The RAW that went up against the title game last year did a 3.05 rating, which means this one was down 5.9%. Last year’s also saw and average of 4.50 million viewers. Average viewers compared to that for this year was down 11%. Viewership also increased from hour to hour, unlike the recent RAW.

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