More On TNA iMPACT! Going Live, Kid Kash-TNA Update, More



— Kid Kash is still with the company, but has not been used lately. Word is that he is training for an MMA bout in June.

— Here are the upcoming LIVE TNA iMPACT! dates coming up: 5/31, 6/7, 6/14, 6/21, 6/28, 7/5, 7/12 and 7/19.

— There us a lot of excitement within TNA about the product going live this summer. One TNA wrestler had the following to say about the move… “Let’s face it, we were being taped days in advance. Unless you were a diehard fan, the show could be watched in fast forward and dismissed if you had a kneejerk reaction to the spoilers. This puts more pressure on everyone and there will be screwups, but now, the fans won’t have a preconceived notion on what they are going to watch. There’s a reason for them to invest live in the show weekly. Maybe the ratings will stay the same, maybe not but the average fan that might have dismissed us – it gives them a reason to give us a second chance because now we aren’t taping two, sometimes three weeks in advance. If something blows, we can change directions now. It something clicks, we can run with it. Either way, fans have a reason to invest in us again. That’s more exciting than anything. No one wants to be second class citizens and this is a way for the company not to be seen that way anymore.”

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